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Elevated Classics: How Grand River Brewery Makes Everything Special

Grand River Brewery’s food menu is full of intriguing and enriching options, each developed with carefully selected ingredients. Our commitment to quality ingredients and passionate execution makes Grand River Brewery’s food stand out among Michigan’s bounty of breweries. Having chosen our sources very carefully, we built good relationships with local farmers all around central Michigan, including Fusilier Family Farms and Noggle Farms, to name a few.

When we can’t find what we’re looking for in Michigan, we might branch out to Vermont or Italy for our cheese and noodles, respectively. And when we really can’t find what we want in terms of quality, we make it ourselves! We simply couldn’t find a brioche bun better than one we could make, so we started making our own. This week, I write to explore how Grand River Brewery elevates classic pub offerings!

Speaking of classic, the Grand River Brewery Classic Burger forefronts a fresh ground patty of brisket, ribeye, and chuck. The meat comes from local Michigan farms operated by families whose passion is quality, just like ours. Rich in color due to its freshness, the ground mixture has a perfect ratio of the three meats and marries their flavor over heat beautifully. With such little distance to travel, the meat we use in our burgers stays tender and rich in natural fats. We don’t give the meat time to dry out and it never sees a freezer.

To bring out the freshness of the meat, we add Vermont Cabot white cheddar cheese, a rich and delectably creamy cheese from a multi-generational family farm. The cheese melting on the meat brings out the best of both: the natural fats in the meat add to the richness of the cheese, and the subtly sharp flavor of the cheese brings out the nuances in the meat. Finishing off this burger is of course our house baked brioche bun- buttery and soft but hardy enough to support the flavor and weight of the burger. Topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles, this Classic Burger is a commitment to freshness. Take one bite though and you’ll realize how much fresh, quality ingredients can truly elevate classic pub food.

This goes for the Grand River Brewery Mac n’ Cheese, too. For the pasta we use rustichella d'Abruzzo rigatoncini, shipped to us from Italy. This baked dish incorporates decadent béchamel, bacon, creamy Vermont Cabot white cheddar, buttery breadcrumbs, and caramelized onions to make for a rich flavor that satisfies your appetite for both nostalgia and for quality, filling meals. We do all of this not only to provide the best possible dining experience to our patrons, but also to provide our staff with an enriching experience while they develop their skills at work. We hope to create dishes that the kitchen staff can put forth an inspiring effort over. The way I see it, the undeniably delicious taste of GRB’s staple dishes comes from more than the high quality ingredients we use - though that plays a large part - it also comes from the culture we’ve worked hard to cultivate, in which the team all believes in the effort and wants to be engaged in it.

Each of the menu items offered at Grand River Brewery have an equally rich backstory as the ones I talked about today. I chose the Classic Burger and the Mac n’ Cheese to show specifically how everything GRB does is special, never basic. If you come to Grand River Brewery just looking for a burger, we are going to serve you the best burger you’ve ever had. That’s the mission, the drive. That’s what we work hard to do.

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