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Embracing the Chill: Loving Fall

The seasons march us towards a chill, and Grand River Brewery is in full celebration and ready to be here to keep you warm. Whether it’s a Grand River Brewery hoodie, a hearty craft beer, autumn baked goods, or a deliciously seasonal cocktail, we’ve got you covered. This blog post is about everything Fall related at Grand River Brewery, so pull up with a cup of cocoa and a flannel while we lay out all the Fall goodies. If you get hungry along the way, consider coming in to our Jackson or Marshall location for a hearty, filling meal made with the best seasonal ingredients Michigan has to offer. Fall is our favorite season at Grand River Brewery, because the harvest season brings the best hops, the best variety, and the best baked goods. Let’s talk about all the glories of the Autumn season!

Fall Merch

This Fall, Grand River Brewery will be featuring new merchandise including two sweatshirts and a variety of hats. The retail space in Grand River Brewery, Jackson features a wide variety of offerings, including wine, canned beers, tshirts, and more. The hoodies, like everything we do at GRB, are no ordinary hoodies: featuring the GRB logo and quality fabric, these are warm, thick sweatshirts that will keep you toasty at any bonfire, football game, or hike. The caps we make are made to withstand the test of time and weather alike, giving you the chance to rep your favorite brewery while keeping safe from the elements. We are also adding a line of women’s cut shirts, including v-necks and scoop-necks, to better cater to our wide array of customers. The GRB merchandise team is always brainstorming new ideas, and we are hoping to add tote bags, coaster packs, bottle openers, bandanas, and more.

Brews and Bar Specials

In the beer world, Fall means the approach of Oktoberfest. At Grand River Brewery, we celebrate the festival each year with the release of our own Oktoberfest beer, one that serves as an excellent representation of the style. An Amber Lager, this delightfully Fall beer represents the season well and will warm you to the core even in the cold Autumn winds. To make the Oktoberfest as authentic and traditional as possible, we started the brewing process in June. Then fermented and lagered for three months, this Fall beer takes some patience to see through. In September we harvested for kegging and carbonation, but each year the schedule varies slightly. With Oktoberfest being such a seasonal release, we have to time our brew with the availability of the seasonal product while also giving enough time to properly brew.

Grand River Brewery’s philosophy on Autumn beers comes down to what you want to drink with the weather. The incoming chill after a summer of high temps leaves us wanting something hearty, dark, warming. That means an Amber or a dark beer like a porter or stout, but Grand River Brewery has to keep it original, so we’ve crafted the perfect cold weather season IPA: The Cedar Bear IPA. This beer combines chewy malt, citrusy west coast hops, and intense cedar spirals. Also known as a humidor IPA, Cedar Bear has everything an IPA junkie lusts and a barrel aged connoisseur searches for, making it a perfect cold season brew. If you are looking for a wild experience with an IPA that pushes the boundaries, look no further. This beer is a Fall seasonal, released during Michigan’s hunting season.

In addition to our Fall lineup of beers, the bar staff at Grand River Brewery worked hard this year to develop some deliciously seasonal craft cocktails. Using seasonal herbs and spices such as rosemary and cinnamon with hearty liquors such as whisky, these six Fall cocktails are made to keep you warm and happy. Each of these Autumn creations features Grand River Distillery liquors and quality ingredients, and they’re hand made to order by our bartending experts. Stay tuned for the full reveal of these delectable drinks!

Grand River Bakery

Specialty craft brews and cocktails aren’t the only thing that will be rolling out at Grand River Brewery this season, as we have a team of bakers ready and excited for everything Fall! The change in humidity and temperature won’t stop the Grand River Bakery team from making delightful pies, breads, pastries, and more! The bakery this time of year teems with excitement and runs at a faster pace while also being the perfect season for fun experimentation.This Fall, if you find yourself craving an old school pumpkin pie or a newly developed pumpkin cheesecake, consider ordering one of our holiday specials from Grand River Brewery! This Thanksgiving, we will be offering holiday packages so you can pick up your Thanksgiving dinner, ready to eat, no hassle. Thanksgiving simply wouldn’t be itself without baked goods, so you can choose from a variety of pies or cheesecake with your Thanksgiving meal. Stay tuned to our website and social media for more on how to order a Thanksgiving package.

With how quickly the season set this year, we are excited that the Grand River Bakery will be rolling out their delicious garlic bread rolls, made with signature garlic oil, craft parmesan cheese, and artisanal sea salt on top. These fan favorites are sure to warm you to your core as you pull apart perfectly baked buttery goodness. Follow that up with an old school pumpkin pie and you’ve got a hearty medley of Fall baked goods. Grand River Bakery makes pumpkin pies a little different than most places nowadays. With a rich brown sugar flavor and a nice spiciness, this molasses infused pie brings us back in time. Fall is the time for nostalgia, for reflection, and this pumpkin pie will surely bring you back to the best of times. A rustic, New England style pie, the GRB pumpkin pie is a must have every year. For the Thanksgiving packages, we will also offer Dutch Apple and Classic Pecan in addition to the Old School Pumpkin and the Pumpkin Cheesecake.

Grand River Bakery doesn’t just make sweet stuff and garlic bread, they also make all the most important staple baked goods at Grand River Brewery. This Fall season, they’re taking our brioche buns to a whole new level by offering a brioche loaf. Our old school brioche recipe takes the time it deserves to develop, resulting in the best brioche bun you can find. Once we discovered that we could make it better than we could buy it, we never looked back! Our hearty homemade brioche buns are strong enough to hold up our hefty burgers while still maintaining a light, buttery texture. This magical combination makes for a bun that stands out as its own essential ingredient, so why not take that recipe and offer full loaves? A brioche loaf would be perfect with any Fall meal, especially a pot roast or stew.

Hearty Fall Meals

We at Grand River Brewery consider Fall to be a time of both nostalgia and romance, calling us to the better parts of ourselves. To fully enjoy the season, we firmly believe hearty foods and Fall meals must be part of the equation. That’s why we love Fall so much at GRB: it’s a time for us to show off our skill and rise to the challenge of keeping smiling faces smiling as the weather inches towards the cold.

This Autumn you can expect to see a wide variety of seasonal specials from Grand River Brewery, including braised meat dishes, roasts, hearty soups and chilis, and apple-forward meals. Though the restaurant team meets every two weeks to discuss changes to the menu, Fall is a time when they really put their heads together to formulate the best features. We are very lucky to be situated in such an agriculturally rich area, and the adjacent Farmer’s Market allows us access to the freshest seasonal produce.

No matter the dish, each seasonal favorite has one message in common: Grand River Brewery celebrates the harvest. We love to forefront Michigan produce, and apple season is upon us! Look forward to squash and pumpkin soup, pork dishes, and salads all spiced or sweetened up with Michigan apples.The squash soup will be offered soon: made with locally grown squash, coconut milk, and Michigan apples, this dish is often made to be vegan and still maintains that deeply rich and thick hearty flavor.

Everything Fall

Grand River Brewery is truly the perfect place to celebrate the Fall season, whether you’re looking to share a meal with family or brews with old friends, we’ve got you covered. You can feel it in the atmosphere, the excitement we all have about Autumn. In our taproom you’ll see many flannel-clad smiling faces enjoying our seasonal lineup of beers, drinks, food, and more. With patio season coming to an end, it’s time to commune indoors and keep warm. Whether you’re celebrating a holiday or you’re just looking for an easy evening with no dishes of your own to clean, Grand River Brewery is the perfect place.

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