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Thanksgiving Dinner Without the Hassle

At 23 years old, I attempted to make a Thanksgiving Turkey dinner all on my own. The pandemic was in the state of demanding social isolation, so I would be spending the holiday alone in my apartment with my very own family sized Thanksgiving dinner. What I learned that day is Thanksgiving takes an army, both to cook and to eat. After a full day of cooking, baking, broiling, and mashing, I sat down in front of my dinner table and thought to myself never again. At least not alone. This experience gave me a newfound respect for the work my family put into the holiday each year, and it showed me that Thanksgiving dinner is way more about the company than the food.

The last several years have really shown the importance of community and connection, so this year Grand River Brewery is making it easy for you to enjoy the full day with your family, friends, and loved ones. Whether cooking stresses you out or you just can’t find the time, GRB is happy to be here to help. We are offering several delicious Thanksgiving packages for order this year, which means you can leave the cooking up to us and just enjoy your lovely company.

With the Large Turkey Dinner Package, you get a whole smoked or roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, turkey gravy, mac and cheese, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, sweet potato hash, bread rolls, and two pies of your choice. This delicious deal takes the hassle out of Thanksgiving and gives you the chance to give your full attention to your company. If your Thanksgiving plans are a little smaller, we are also offering a Family Turkey Dinner Package, which comes with all the same sides and a more manageable half turkey, again smoked or roasted. If you want your own personal combo of foods, we also offer everything a la carte.

The Thanksgiving packages are crafted at the Manchester Market, where Grand River Bakery is housed. The bakery team crafted four deliciously seasonal pie recipes for you to choose from. The Old Fashion Pumpkin Pie is a molasses forward savory and hearty dessert, perfectly creamy and rich in spice. The Pecan Pie is classic, aromatic, buttery, and crunchy all in one. The Dutch Apple Pie features a delightfully crumbly topping of cinnamon and sugar goodness. Finally, the Pumpkin Cheesecake with a GingerBread Crust is rich, flavorful, and just tastes of the best Fall moments. Each of these pies were developed with expert hands and hearts to bring you the best possible Thanksgiving dessert.

It’s very much like me to skip to talking about dessert, so let’s back up and talk about the main focus: the turkey. All the turkeys the Manchester Market uses for these Thanksgiving packages come from a family farm called Peacock’s Poultry Farm based out of Troy, Michigan.

A 5th generation family farm, Peacock’s Poultry has a long standing relationship with the Amish community, which is where they source their top quality turkeys and other poultry from. These turkeys are raised in the traditional Amish way: free range, no hormones, no force feeding. Everything is naturally done to allow the birds to grow at a healthy pace and develop lean, delicious meat. They take such care at each step of the process that they even use specially purified water to clean the birds with!

We paired with Peacock’s Poultry Farms because their mission “if we don’t like it, we don’t sell it,” lines up exactly with our own. When you order a Thanksgiving package from GRB or the Manchester Market this year, rest assured that you will be getting the highest quality turkey raised in a safe and humane environment.

All of the sides are made with the same level of care as the turkeys, as we take pride in the experiences we provide. Thanksgiving is a time of gathering and company, so if you’d like to skip the cooking and get to the good part, place your Thanksgiving package order by Monday, November 21st at 12pm. Orders can be placed at both GRB locations as well as the Manchester market.

With Thanksgiving approaching, so too is the holiday season! This means holiday parties of all kinds, whether they’re with family, friends, or coworkers. Grand River Brewery has two wonderful spaces for rent this season, whether you want to throw a Friendsgiving or a corporate holiday party, we can accommodate pretty much anything. The Barrel Room can seat about 60 people and features beautiful beer barrels and open glass garage doors letting in lots of natural light. For more intimate settings, we have a room that seats 12-15 at a community style table.

Both rooms have TVs for presentations, and the Barrel Room even has a projector available for use. With booking spaces such as these, GRB can offer plated dinners, buffets, or a special menu developed with the chefs. If you’re interested in either of these rooms at the GRB Jackson location, call today to ask about reservations.

Grand River Brewery takes the holiday season seriously, as it is our mission year round to bring people together over craft food, craft beer, and craft drinks. With our Thanksgiving packages crafted at the Manchester Market, we can bring people together even outside our doors. This holiday season, let GRB do the cooking while you sit back and enjoy your company.

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